ROTRON Regenerative Pressure and Vacuum Arrangements

Do you have a ROTRON Regenerative blower and need a pressure or vacuum gauge? Pressure or vacuum gauges should be located in the delivery line. Assure that the gauge is approximately three pipe diameters from the blower delivery flange and that the relief valve is located at the same spacing from the gauge. 90° elbows should be located at least five pipe diameters from the blower delivery flange. Elbows, taps, tees, valves, or other restrictions to air flow should not be located between the blower delivery flange and accessories described above.

Failure to observe these precautions can result in false readings of gauges and failure of the relief mechanism to
protect the blower from overload. In order to avoid overheating or distortion of PVC pipe, the first five to eight feet from the blower deliveryflange on pressure systems should be metal.

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