ROTRON Regenerative Blowers Noise Reduction Accessories

Do you have a ROTRON Regenerative blower and need to reduce the noise level of the blower? Sound Attenuating enclosures are a proven way to reduce regenerative blower mechanical noise when additional mufflers are just not enough. Additional enclosure options are available.


• Excellent noise reduction (10dBa)
• Resistance to elements and aesthetic appearance
• Compact size for ease of installation
• Easy access for routine maintenance (removable sidewalls)


• Roof, floor, and walls: Galvanized steel sheet metal
• Hardware: Chrome plated aluminum handles with stainless steel fasteners
• Sound Attenuating material: 2” Rigid polyester foam with Mylar facing (rated UL- 94)
• Exterior Finish: Powder coated
• Enclosure Ventilation: 1-phase 50/60 Hz fan, ODP or XP motors
• Fan Guard: Nickel plated wire type

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