ROTRON Regenerative Blowers Minispiral 12V HDC Extra Flow Data Sheet

AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions is now Bison.

Bison's ROTRON brand has long been a world leader in regenerative (side channel) blower technologies, bringing regenerative advantages to a new level, providing quiet, maintenance-free, oil free operation. Many of our blower can be used in all of our applications, but some are specifically engineered for commercial spa, high temperature, natural gas and gasoline vapor recovery applications.

Our Instrument Grade and Variable Flow SE (Minispiral) Blowers Include:

  • AC and DC versions available for world voltages and maximum flow variability
  • Glass filled molded phenolic impeller; aluminum and phenolic case
  • 30,000 hour bearing life
  • Small size and lightweight construction
  • Compact Design at 4.2" diameter
  • Quiet to NC-47 office equipment standards


  • Air-Assisted Breathing
  • Air-Assisted Inflation or Support
  • Air-Assisted Vacuum Pick-Up or Hold-Down
  • Air and Gas Sampling, Boosting, or Circulating
  • Electronic Cooling
  • Gas, Vapor, and Fume Recovery, Venting and Treatment
  • Solid Material Transporting, Separation and Collection
  • Parts Blow-Off and Drying
  • Solution and Media Agitation and Aeration

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