Minijammer 5.0" 127mm Product Catalog

Interested in our variable speed brushless blowers? Download the Microjammer 5.0" (127mm) catalog to learn more about these products. The MINIjammer family of brushless DC blowers are capable of pressures up to 20" H2O and flow rates of 37CFM. These compact, reliable blowers will fit perfectly with any medical, industrial, or materials handling application. 

Our MINIjammer blowers have the option for a non-integrated controller or an integrated controller depending on your application's needs. These blowers can be equipped with a tach-output for easy monitoring of blower speeds, and a 2-plane dynamic balancing system for reduced vibrations. We can customize any standard blower through our team of engineers and sales representatives. 

Within this catalog, you'll have access to:

  • Outline Drawings
  • Product Specifications
  • Performance Data

Once you provide your first name, last name, and email you will be able to download the catalog.