White PaperFluid Moving Basics for Medical Device and Equipment Designs-1!
Learn Fluid Moving Basics and...

Drive More Quality, Efficency and
Cost Savings Into Your
Medical Device & Equipment Designs

Advances in blowers, motors and fans can help you drive more quality, efficiency and cost savings into your medical devices and equipment. But selecting the right air-moving technology can be complicated. Read this white paper and learn how to:

  • Estimate the operating point of your application
  • Understand how blowers behave with speed changes
  • Identify the most efficient blower by analyzing system resistance and blower curves
  • Determine air density as it has a significant influence on blower performance
  • Select the best blower type for your medical application
  • Achieve desired power and efficiency levels in medical applications
  • Solve noise, life, size and performance issues
  • And more!

For more than 100 years, AMETEK DFS has helped companies build products that need to move air in many applications, including medical device and equipment designs. Our team of air-moving experts is customer focused, quality oriented and experienced in developing custom solutions for complex end products. AMETEK DFS has worldwide sales representative support and three manufacturing sites in the USA, China and Mexico. The company is headquartered in Kent OH, USA. 


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