Webinar On-Demand

Fluid Moving Basics for Medical Device and Equipment Designs 

Engineers and product professionals who understand air movement can drive more quality, efficiency and cost savings into medical device and equipment designs. Watch this webinar and you will be empowered to:

      • Understand fan laws to achieve desired efficiency and power levels
      • Learn blower impedance to see system reactions in different conditions
      • Master speed control of blowers/motors to reach any operating point
      • Select the best motor or blower type for their medical application
      • Learn from peers how to solve noise, life, size and performance issues


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The exclusive content includes:

      • Interactive tool to calculate air performance, current draw and power for your medical applications
      • Fluid moving basics white paper for medical device and equipment designs
      • Certificate of completion

For more than 100 years AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions has been helping companies build products that need to move air in many applications, including medical devices and equipment.

Our team of air-moving experts is customer focused, quality oriented and experienced in developing custom solutions for complex end products.

That’s why AMETEK DFS would like to invite you and your team to an exclusive innovation conversation to share ideas and discover together the air-moving technology that you need today as well as in the future.